Sidney Crosby & Nathan MacKinnon Work at Tim Hortons

NHL Superstars Serve Up Some Coffee

featured im hockey 13 - sid2

How often do you go to a Tim Hortons for your daily dose of caffeine and get served by not only one, but two NHL players? I would say not very often…

This was not the case for some lucky customers in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on Monday July 27th.

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby and Colorado Avalanche centre Nathan MacKinnon were part of a very Canadian display at a Tim Hortons.

The NHL duo, both natives of nearby Cole Harbour, surprised patrons while shooting a commercial for the iconic coffee chain.

Definitely not a bad double-double – on or off the ice.

Check out this photo of the duo uniformed up:

featured im hockey 13 - sid

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Source – Article: Amy Cleveland CBC Sports