Do Modern NHL Dynasties Exist??

Blackhawks Win 3 Cups In 6 Years

There is no doubt that the Chicago Blackhawks have done some incredible things in the past 6 years.

Winning 3 Stanley Cups in 6 years is definitely not something that happens often in the salary cap era of hockey.

If the Hawks can pull off a repeat win during the 2016 season I think that will help to strengthen the talks of a dynasty.

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When it comes to dynasties in sports, the salary cap has completely changed what the expectation should be when it comes to measuring the greatness of a team.

It is nearly impossible in a 30-team league, where everybody has the same limitations when it comes to player salaries, to put together — and keep — a roster that is capable of winning multiple championships in a row.

The days of the 1980s Edmonton Oilers and New York Islanders winning four championships in a row (or five in seven years) and the 1970s Montreal Canadiens dominating an entire decade are gone and they are not coming back.

Even though the Blackhawks are not going to match what some of those teams were able to do (specifically the Oilers, Islanders and Canadiens), what they are currently doing is still an incredible accomplishment when you take into account the era in which they are doing it and the challenges they are facing that previous teams did not have to deal with.

A lot of the credit has to go to the front office for finding a way to keep the best players on the roster, even if it meant sacrificing depth in other areas. They recognized that superstars win and did their best to keep them together. Part of that was due to the good fortune of getting Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, the two best players, at the top of the draft and then capitalizing on their cheapest years (and signing them to bargain second contracts that were among the biggest steals in the league). And part of it was being creative enough to keep adding the right complementary players around them to keep giving them a chance.

Almost every team that has played at a championship level since 2005 has had a two or three year stretch where it was at the top of the league. Detroit and Pittsburgh were at that level between 2007 and 2009. Boston had its run between 2011 and 2013. Los Angeles won two Cups between 2012 and 2014. And then those teams, in some way, took a step backwards. Whether it was due to losing key players in a cap crunch, older players losing their effectiveness or retiring, or just the normal wear and tear that happens during the course of a season they were never able to sustain that championship level of performance.

Yet, the Blackhawks are the only ones that have managed to keep coming back and seriously competing for more championships. And it’s not like they haven’t experienced the cap crunch over the years. On more than one occasion over the past few years there has been talk that perhaps their Stanley Cup window is coming to a close because they had to part with players that were a part of a championship team due to cap constraints.

But every time they just keep coming back, re-tooling, and replacing whatever depth they have lost. And competing for more championships.

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